Welcome a new week with photography. These images by Greg Fewer reflect liminal places in County Waterford, Ireland – between sunshine and dark clouds or from the land to the sea along two different stretches of the coast. Both images also share moments of calm.

Rugged Coast

This photo was taken from near a parking area for people who want to view the sea or take a break from driving along the coast road. On days when the wind is strong, massive waves can be seen crashing against the rocks at the base of the cliffs, but on the day I took this picture, it was as if the sea itself was taking a break!


I took this shot of the wonderful contrast between the dark clouds in the distance and the sunlit grassy trail in the foreground while on a long walk, and was just returning home in the direction of these ominous-looking clouds(!). I’d wondered if I’d get soaked by rain, but I made it – just in time! The grass had colonized part of a long, sandy beach next to a bay. For a time, during the 1980s, a lagoon that had been separated from the sea by sandbanks had existed beneath this area of grass but it gradually dried up and was filled in with windblown sand.