In case you missed our announcement on April 19, we are now holding our first photography contest in five years and only our second ever. We’re excited. Already submissions are coming in and we’re eager to review them closely and see the others yet to come.

If you’d like to submit work, we’re curious to know what spoke to you outdoors over the last year or so. What compelled you to grab the camera and explore nature, to capture a scene or a moment? Perhaps even fill you with hope, awe, or quiet? Photographers, submit your new or older (no more than two years old) to our contest.

Here are the details (also on our Submit page):

  1. All photographs must be previously unpublished. This means in any publication, including social media, blogs, and personal websites.
  2. Submit up to three photographs all in jpeg format, no more than 5 megabytes, with a 300 dpi resolution. Include your name, location of photos and a brief bio. In the subject line, please write: 2024 Photo Contest. Submissions that don’t comply with these instructions will not be acknowledged or considered in the contest.
  3. No filtered or AI-generated images of any kind will be considered and will result in the banning of any further submissions of any kind from that person.
  4. The contest will close on Sunday, May 19, or when we reach 125 submissions — whichever comes first.
  5. The photographer whose image is chosen winner will receive $300; the second place winner will receive $200, and the third place, $100.
  6. Photographs that don’t win will be considered for regular (paid) publication.

We’re excited that photographer Patricia Joynes whose work we’ve published since 2019 will return to judge our contest finalists. Her work first appeared at The Sunlight Press in May 2019. and most recently in July 2023. Joynes has provided cover shots for books as well as a photo for National  Geographic’s “Inside Access” story. Her photographs have appeared in the THE SUN (March 2021 cover),  2015-2022 volumes of County Lines Literary Journal (2015, 2020, 2021 covers), Official Blue Ridge Parkway Calendars, Atticus Review (cover), and Oracle Fine Arts Review, among many others. Find more of her work on her site.

Questions about the contest? Email us at

In other news, we are currently open to all submissions but will close for part of the summer. We’ll announce those dates soon.

In the meantime, enjoy spring!

Beth & Rudri
Founders and Editors