Hello readers,

And hello spring! The year feels as if it just started and here we are in mid-March. We reopened to all submissions Jan. 15, and closed soon after to poetry and fiction after reaching our caps. We should be reopening to both again soon — stay tuned to our Submit page for the date.

In other news:

~We plan a writing or photography contest this spring and will share more details soon.

~ About two years ago, we raised our pay rates and soon we will again. Thanks to generous donations to fund honorariums for artists, we’re excited to increase rates beginning June 1, 2024. Our new rates will be:

Essays (including Artist on Craft pieces and book/film reviews): $50, up from $40
Fiction (short stories, flash fiction, and microfiction): $50, up from $40
Poetry: $35 for the first poem and $10 for any other poem accepted in same submission (up from $30/$10)
Photography: $30 for the first photo, and $10 for each additional photo accepted in same submission (up from $15 for each photo accepted)


Each March we share a look back at the previous year, in numbers.

By the Numbers for 2023

Number of submissions: 949
Number of acceptances: 109
Number of spring contest submissions (flash fiction): 175
Number of contest acceptances: 23 (incl. one winner, two finalists)

Submission categories:
Most received: Fiction (354) and Poetry (318)
Least received: Artists on Craft essays (13) and Book Reviews (20)

Money Paid to Writers/Photographers:
Regular submissions: $3,945
Contest (flash fiction) cash prizes: $750 (winner) plus $100 to each of two finalists
Total paid out: $4,895

Donations to The Sunlight Press: $2,279.00


Thanks as always to our volunteer staff and donors, and to our readers and artists, who make our work possible. Please visit our Support page to read more about how to make a tax-deductible donation. Thank you.

And again, happy springtime!

Beth & Rudri
Founders and Editors