Dear readers,

Happy 2024 to all! We hope your year is off to good start, the wild winter weather notwithstanding, and you enjoyed moments of celebration and quiet over the holidays. We thank all our donors for helping us meet our end of year fundraising challenge. Donors more than met our $500 challenge, and we raised over $2,200 in the final two weeks of the year. We are grateful to everyone for their financial support which allows us to continue paying artists for the work we publish! Thank you.

A few housekeeping items:

  • We reopen to all submissions today. However, we will close to poetry when we reach 50 submissions and to fiction when we reach 75 submissions. Last year, we received more submissions than ever before and we continue reviewing work. (We receive more poetry and fiction than anything else.) We hope that by offering reading periods with caps on submissions we can get to work more quickly this year and that writers won’t wait so long to hear from us. Anyone still waiting for word on their work submitted in the fall, we know you’re there and we will be in touch soon. Thanks as always for your patience.
  • If we have accepted your work and it hasn’t run yet, it may be scheduled or it will be soon. We generally accept about 130 submissions each year but publish only twice a week, for the most part. For now, poetry and fiction alternate on Wednesdays so we can get behind. Occasionally we run full weeks of poetry or fiction. This is all by way of saying we don’t always publish within six months of accepting a piece though that’s our goal. Feel free to reach out if it’s been a while.
  • Each year we hold a contest. Last year, it was flash fiction, the year before, essay. Stay tuned for our plans this year! Find more details on our Contests page.
  • If you’re submitting work please note: IF we’ve declined a particular piece, we ask that writers wait three to six months before submitting again (details on our Submit page). We’re a small journal and staff and we want to give other writers’ work a chance for review too. PLEASE submit only one written piece at a time (for example, do not submit an essay or poetry at the same time, or a short story and a book review at the same time). The only exception to this is: you may submit one written piece and photography simultaneously, also on our Submit page. PAY attention to word counts, also on our Submit page. Getting back to writers takes a lot of time and we appreciate your understanding.

Any other questions or feedback, please email us! We always like hearing from our readers. Thanks to all for reading and supporting The Sunlight Press.

Beth & Rudri
Founders and Editors