Today we close out the year with a photograph of trees. Priyanka describes what inspired her image, “Nebula Canopy,” below.


Nebula Canopy


I have been photographing trees for many years now. Beholding their canopies leaves me in awe. A year ago, I was taking a walk just before dusk in the campus of Bangalore’s Indian Institute of Science, which is home to many ancient, magnificent trees. I was in an anxious state of mind; however, as I wandered among the trees, a glimpse of this incredibly vast, overarching canopy gladly took me out of the treadmill of my thoughts. I was in a state of wonderment, not unlike that of glimpsing the ocean or the starlit sky in all their glory, the latter which inspired the photo caption. Being in the presence of such trees reminded me more than ever of how grateful I am for their existence and the multiple gifts they provide.