Today we feature the work of writer and photographer Daniela Lorenzi whose work last appeared here in 2022.

Tulip Tear


There is nothing like a bunch of tulips to brighten the dreariness of winter. This tulip had been part of such a gathering but was beginning to look tired: Its vivid flame-coloring was still alive but the bloom itself was bent, almost to the counter, a sad reminder that all beauty must whither. And that subtle drop resting on the petal….There can be such grace in endings.


Blenkinsop Trestle Early Morning


One of my favorite morning walks is along the Lochside Trail in Victoria, B.C. The trestle I cross arches over a peaceful lake inhabited by geese, ducks, lily pads, and bull rushes. It always soothes the soul. On some mornings, such as the one depicted here, the fog adds an ethereal quality to the scene, rendering the water reflections and the trestle lines even sharper by contrast.