by Emily Sorensen


by Catherine Hamrick

This March madness plays tug of war
between icy dips and warm rises

that tease me to walk abroad
before six o’clock shadows fall

and night inks brick backways curving
through garden hideouts spiking green.

Ticklish to the sun, tight-lipped bulbs
open into purple cups penciled

with lavender and edged frosty white,
center bursting with saffron fringes;

twigs snap like ancient wrist bones
as I sink down to crocus drifts—

swept in the frisson of wild beasts
and shoe-level color roars.


About the photographer: Emily Sorensen is an environmental educator and a DFA Candidate researching ecological art and performance at the Yale School of Drama, where she earned an MFA in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism. She likes to go outside and take pictures of trees. @emily.sorensen