by Emily Sorensen


by David Ishaya Osu

Rain rain, pain pain
sometimes green, other times free

we look to the sky and we have a mind
—we are the stars we count; there is

a bird we know—yesterday
we were in the garden burning

leaves, today we are picking pink pins
as a family. The only way through

is through this bowl of milk; the
same joy we grew up with; oh

stay here, dance there, rest well
papa would say to all of us

as we dress like breeze and trees.
We hold time in our hands

and gaze at stars distant
and near singing, we meet

the dreams in our eyes
the dreams in our eyes


About the photographer: Emily Sorensen is a DFA Candidate researching ecological art and performance at the Yale School of Drama, where she earned an MFA in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism. She likes to go outside and take pictures of trees. @emily.sorensen