We open photography week with a view of trees in Potsdam, Germany. Maroula Blades describes each image below.


Ancient Tree


 “Ancient Tree,” above is a 1,000-year-old pedunculate oak tree, a natural majestic protected landmark, in the northern area of Sacrow Palace Park in Potsdam, Germany. It is a  deciduous tree species from the oak genus in the beech family. “Fallen” (below, species unknown) was also taken in  April  2022 on the grounds of Sacrow Palace. Soon after ascending the throne in 1840, King Frederick William IV purchased the charming Sacrow estate to enhance the Potsdam garden landscape. The palace was the king’s abode, a hidden pearl in the green. Sacrow’s palace and gardens are located on the Havel River, opposite Glienicke Park and the New Garden. The site closes the picturesque circuit of royal garden estates near Potsdam’s lake, called Jungfernsee.