Dear readers and friends,

Happy December to one and all! Here we are — another year coming to an end, another on the way. Thanks for being part of our small and growing literary community. We have lots of exciting news to share today. At year’s end, we look ahead to 2023 while also looking back at work we published this past year. This way we can choose, and then nominate, work for the Pushcart Prize. We’re thrilled today to announce our Pushcart nominations. Congratulations to all!


The Art of Negotiating by Aria Dominguez


No Matter What by Laura Besley

Something Good by William Cass


June Morning with Thoughts of Mortality by Despy Boutris

One Lamp Lit by Jeff Burt

I Walk My Worry Through Winter Wind by Annie Powell Stone


For the first time, we also nominated two pieces for Best Microfiction 2023 awards this year. Congratulations to both writers!

To My American Daughter-in-Law by Myna Chang

Motel Starlight by Jonathan Cardew


Thanks to a successful spring fundraising drive, we were excited to raise our payment rates for published work for the first time since opening in 2017. Find the new rates (effective July 1, 2022) on our Submit page. Many thanks to donors who made this possible.

In December as we wrap up the year, we also offer a $500 matching gift to raise money to continue paying our artists. We’ve been committed to financially supporting artists since launching and will match every gift dollar for dollar up to $500, between now and December 31. If you considered donating but haven’t yet, why not boost your impact now? We’d love your support.

And finally, a special shoutout to our staff and volunteers for editing, reviewing, writing, and standing by at the ready during the year: Caroline Packard, Clive Collins, Meg Freer, Elizabeth Spencer, Annie Scholl, Susan Pohlman, Amanda Nicholson, and Windy Harris (who judged our spring essay contest 2022). They all help us get The Sunlight Press out the digital door.

Best wishes to all now and in the coming year!


Beth Burrell & Rudri Patel
Founders and Editors