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We’ve back at work this month after closing to submissions this summer and catching up on reading. We hope you found time to relax and kick back a bit during the long summer days. We’re always excited in September to review the work we published over the previous months so that we may nominate pieces for Best of the Net awards.

Without further delay, here are this year’s nominations (for work published between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022). Congratulations to all these writers!


The Art of Negotiating by Aria Dominguez

 I Think I’ll Miss Us by Jaclyn Reed


Insomnia by Gregory Anderson

June Morning with Thoughts of Mortality by Despy Boutris

A Sketch of the Artist as an Object of Ridicule by Luigi Coppola

The Returned by Pamela Main  

Matchbox Dreams by Mydhili Varma

This Is For My Great-Grandmother Who Rode Horses Bareback by Madison Xu


Hyperplexia by Amy Barnes 

What’s Done Is Done by Matt Barrett


In case you missed our contest news from the summer, we chose “The Art of Negotiating,” by Aria Dominguez (nominated above), as the winner in our spring Essay Contest. Our two top finalists were: “Photographic Evidence,” by Skye Pratt Epperson and “To The Woman Sitting in Her Parked Car During the First Month of a Global Pandemic,” by Diana Spechler. We are grateful to author Windy Lynn Harris for judging this year’s contest.

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