by Colleen Anderson


our stomachs are lighter than our hearts
few words dished out at first
lounging, we gather energy
like cranberries to a bowl
work up to conversation

we have in common
moments displayed together
nothing that lasts longer than a meal
savory dressing our tongues to wonder
how history becomes a story that we swallow whole

we chew on words, break down the layers
then move from course to course
to the meat that finally reveals the bones
truths that even gravy cannot disguise

we discuss those we’ve known
the funerals we’ve tasted
ways our lives were forever flavored
by people who no longer exist
just their morsels to pick over

these piquant memories of the dead
the last harvest meal weights us
bloats us with indulgence
words buoy up, float, spirits to sip
for which we remember and give thanks


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash