Today we feature the work of Y. Hope Osborn who describes her photos below.

Divided as One

Knopp Park is within and overlooks the city of Little Rock and the Arkansas River that runs between it and North Little Rock. This evergreen stands tall upon that hill in solidarity and my perspective is looking straight up the trunk. The image, Divided As One, reminds me that though we are variegated in our cultures, gender, ethnicity, all of us share the humanity with which we equally stand tall and proud.



Little Rock’s Boyle Park (Arkansas) is set apart within the woodlands. Through that woodland runs a creek that sometimes overflows its banks but always fills the little body of water pictured. I often frequent this park when I am not dealing with broken bones. From the little wooden bridge that curves above it, I have seen this body of water in ice-edged snow, mirroring autumn-splendored leaves, and in green shadings of spring to summer. Nothing disturbs the mirror surface or quiet of this oasis within the woods, within the park, within the city.