by Danielle Resh

that night
under the inky sky
where everything
is running,

we go

our words winding
uncertain melody

your shoes
shined with surety,
you stomp in reality

my heels
laced with vagueness,

i step past anticipation,
slide my secrets slowly,
sashay into stability

and we begin to waltz
around what we
will not whisper,
stride into stuttering
of romantic wondering

suddenly, our shoulders
are shrugging off insecurity,
greedy limbs grasping gaits

and then we circle
creeping insecurity,
duck under dusty dreams,
twisting troubles into vanities

a quick kick between the legs
of expectation before resuming,

my feet trip on inconsistencies
but then you catch me
on a misunderstanding,
pirouette me into possibilities

and I breathe, heave
as I hold my posture proper
for the tango of tangled memories

faltering, you flip me,
impossibly lift me
into future fantasies

and we’re pulling it off

until finally
my toe catches
on a blubber of bumbles

and we go tumbling,
stumbling past rejections
beyond remedy

you release me

and my lips never hurt
so much
from dancing


Image by Jiří Rotrekl from Pixabay