by Yvonne

Yellow Canary B1769 

The name (a bit redundant)
Of the wall planter
Is stamped on the bottom
Of the round hollow vessel
With a number
(like that of a prisoner).

But this canary
In three-dimensional
High relief
With wings outspread in grace
Is ready to lift
Off the tree branch.

No cage in sight,
A silent bird is anchored
On a lovely porcelain saucer
Green leaf-painted and sky blue
Ready to hang
Wherever the heart sings.


Candy Dish

An icy vessel
With six hearts carved on the cut
Glass lid and bottom

As if Valentine
Sweets were ever safe from pure

Mother’s or my claim?
After five years in plastic
Bins, can I be sure?

Heart’s borders dissolve
Childhood simplicity melts
No matter how hard.

Image by Steve Johnson on Unsplash