by Amanda Steel

They say you’re out of line
If you step out of line
Even if you don’t know what you’re waiting for
They put the weight of the world on you
Whether underweight or a little over
Under nourished, whether in body or soul
Pushing you over the edge
To be who they say you ought to be
Get the right clothes and body shapes
Listen to the right music
Don’t step out of line

We are all waiting here for something better
But we’re in the wrong place
Trying to make sense from lunacy
Told we don’t fit the mold
Or the clothes we force ourselves into
Like the lives we impose on ourselves
Until one day, the tightness is too much
The desire to exhale overwhelms
Not slowly but all at once
It’s all just too much
And everything spills out
Like that overindulgent weekend
Only worse, much worse

They say it’s our fault
When our thoughts come spilling out
Our true selves pour out
Resentment from years of being pushed down
We’re labeled as out of line
But this only started back when
We were forced into line
If only we could just be ourselves
Individual, not causing harm to anyone
Instead of being molded against our will
Missing chances
Told we’re too young, too young, too young

Then too late, we’re old, too old, too old
Missing chances by waiting
For the right time
For everything to just fall
Into place, into line
The truth is unicorns aren’t real
There’s no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
The time is now
No matter the place, your age, your body’s shape
This is the time to chase your dreams
If you would only step out of line


Image: Painting by Steve Johnson. Find more of his work on Instagram @artbystevej.