by Luke Samra

Lower Peninsula Records

The beach looks good on her
Peach cheeks
Interstate 94 sounds like drum corps
of a marching band, and how lucky we are
Funny the beautiful weather just boomerangs me to her
Shepherded by sunsets to the coast
She makes my day every night
Wine glasses toasting sound like
Wind chimes on an occasional breeze
My skin, tattooed by the sun
People only listen to me when they’re
Eavesdropping like gossiping wind
That I’m just basking in
Take me on a dune ride
It’s summer inside of us


When They Weren’t Flying Advertisements

You’ve got butterflies
In your stomach
I’ve got firefly moonshine
In mine
I know a girl who can fly
A hot air balloon
And land it in someone’s backyard
For a $9.99 bottle of wine
Her smile could give me a tan


Image by murat erhan okcu from Pixabay