Welcome back the work of Patricia Joynes who judged our first photography contest in fall 2019, and whose work last appeared on our pages in November 2019. 

About her images below, she writes: “I am especially drawn to photographing in the fog in our Blue Ridge Mountains. Cold, dreary, foggy days keep visitors away, so the area becomes my personal paradise. The fog creates a magical mist that transforms into otherworldly effects. It hides what is beyond, which makes the immediate my focus. These photos were taken nearby in a small North Carolina town named Blowing Rock.”

Fog on Trail at Bass Lake – The fog draws me to hike this Bass Lake trail through the mystical forest up to the Moses Cone Manor located at Milepost 294 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, then back down the other side to the lake, about a 5-mile total. But on this day, there are no visitors except me, and I step into another world.


Fog and Snowball Bush at Bass Lake – On this foggy day, the flower clusters on the hundreds of snowball bushes have now turned to pink and gold, and the bushes stand like sentinels along the path that circles Bass Lake in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.


Foggy Park – This lovely little park is located about a block off Main Street in the small village of Blowing Rock, North Carolina. As I sat quietly on a bench, two deer approached nearby, but I chose not to disturb them by attempting to photograph them.