by Amanda Davis


Today we welcome the second winner of our 2019 Photography Contest: Amanda Davis and her photograph, “Icelandic Horse.” We published our first winner yesterday. Amanda receives a $100.00 cash prize as winner, as well as our regular payment for publication.

In her choice of Amanda’s photograph, our guest judge and photographer Patricia Joynes quotes Annie Leibovitz: “I wish that all of nature’s magnificence, the emotion of the land, the living energy of place could be photographed.” 

Amanda describes below how she captured her photo.

One of my fondest memories from a recent trip to Iceland took place along the side of a deserted roadway near the town of Vik. I was struck by the beauty of the Icelandic horses that sprinkled the country’s vast landscape. Determined to get the perfect photograph, I snapped away along the side of the road. As the sun peeked through the cloud cover, a curious white horse left its pack to investigate me. It came closer.  It lingered. Silence. Connection. Nature’s voice was calling.

About “Icelandic Horse,” Patricia Joynes wrote:

I love the way the intimacy of this photo demonstrates the association of the photographer with nature, which is a primary motivation in my own photographs— to attempt to capture beauty within a moment of silence with Creation. The more I looked at this photo, the more it revealed. The single horse is placed in the foreground as it looks directly into the eyes of the photographer, capturing a momentary spiritual kinship. The viewer is rewarded with the added color of a distant red farm house on the right side while the additional horses balance the left side.

The light, so critical in photography, is perfect in reflecting the blue sky and cloud formations onto the ice, as well as the horse’s shadow. I can even feel the cold atmosphere. On another level, the face of endurance in a harsh environment is the metaphysical element in the picture.



In closing, we thank all of the talented photographers who submitted their images for our contest. The work was outstanding. Readers: stay tuned in the coming months as we feature more photographs submitted during our contest. Congratulations again to both our winners Arpan Basu Chowdhury and Amanda Davis. Many thanks to Patricia Joynes for judging our finalists.