Happy fall, everyone! We’re excited to announce our first Photography contest, opening on Oct. 1 and closing Oct. 31. Photographers, please submit up to two unfiltered images and add contest to the subject line in your email submission. The winning photograph will receive $100.00 plus our regular acceptance payment. We will announce the winner and publish the photograph on Monday, November 18. Find further details on our website.

In addition to our upcoming contest, we are thrilled to announce our nominations for Best of Net 2019 (work published between July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019)Here is the list of our nominees:


Dear Maddy by Jacqueline Doyle 

A Lesson in Forgiveness (Or Gardening with My Rapist) by Loren Kleinman


Where the Well Was – 2017 by L. Shapley Bassen

Inside by Cady Burkhart

We Don’t Need These Great Big Clocks by Shannon Lise 

The Electrician’s Office by C.L. Nehmer

A Simple Poem for Ahmed Al-Jumaili by C.C. Russell

Walnuts by Ian Stuart


A Bouquet of Stars by Cathy Ulrich

Memorial of Imaginary Lines by Sabrina Hicks 


As many of you know, Sunlight officially became a nonprofit literary journal last year. We welcome tax-deductible donations to help support writers and artists who contribute to our site. Donating is easy; find out how here. Did you know you also can sponsor a writing contest on our site? Please email us at thesunlightpress@gmail.com if interested. You can propose a theme and title for the contest. We are deeply grateful for all support.

Finally, one of our goals when we founded The Sunlight Press was to operate as a nonprofit; to that end, we want to be open about what we do. We’re happy to report that we recently earned the Gold Seal of Transparency from Guidestar, the largest source of info on nonprofit organizations in the world. Check out our profile at Guidestar.org and send any questions our way.

Many thanks as always to our volunteer readers, including our poetry editor Clive Collins, and our volunteer photographers, including artist Eric Sorensen whose talent we rely on to illustrate numerous pieces, and to Steve Johnson whose abstract art we discovered online and rely on as well. Thank you, all.

Enjoy the fall,
Rudri Bhatt Patel  and Beth Burrell
Founders and Editors