Today we continue our publication of photography with the work of Patricia Joynes, who describes her three images below.

Morning Light Pathway


Morning Light Pathway  – I have walked this street a thousand times, sometimes to get the mail, sometimes to walk the dogs, and other times just for pleasure. On rare mornings like this one, when the sun rays are falling softly, I stop mid-stride and sigh in gratitude for the sight. I cannot yet see what lies beyond, but I know that I am never separated from the nature of creation. 

Tree and Sky Water Reflection

I captured Trees and Sky Water Reflection on a very cold day while taking photos of a partially frozen lake along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. Water from the lake flowed into this spillway. I was intrigued by the interplay of the reflection of trees and sky and clouds on the water. When I uploaded this picture, I was surprised by the lovely shimmering effect.

Ravens Rock Overlook

At Ravens Rock Overlook, located at Milepost 289.5 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a tree stands sentinel over a vivid mountain sunset as fog envelops the valleys. I’ve taken hundreds of photos at this location in all seasons and always discover something awesome—a different color sky, changing light, fog, or spectacular cloud formations.