Today we continue our publication of photography with the work of Doxa J. Zannou, who captured this image in Philadelphia, Pa. 

About the photo, Doxa writes:

I was inside the house waiting for the rain to cease when the sky suddenly turned a deep yellow. The light that filtered through the windows was so intriguing and ethereal that I ran outside and gasped. My cousins soon joined me and began snapping pictures. Due to the commotion, neighbors came outside too. In that moment, we were all bound by the sight of something bigger than us, regardless of our beliefs and values. I saw the rainbow as a sign of God’s promise to love and protect at a time that I was ravaged by doubt, fear, and worry. It was the brightest, clearest, most defined rainbow I have ever seen in my life. We all stood rooted to the ground, phones trained upward, in awe of nature’s visceral beauty.