The fourth week of our first themed edition,Your Tech Life, closes today with poetry. 

by Amanda Steel

She fires off selfies on Instagram
Here’s me not wearing much
Here’s me wearing a little more
Like it, love it, share it please
Words left unwritten
But pleading for attention

He’s connected to Twitter and Facebook
A thousand likes and retweets
Feeling the love
Carried through empty words
And compliments from those
Who don’t matter offline

She posts images, face pouting
Chest out, and hands on hips
As if that’s her best pose
And the likes and compliments stack up
Gaining more followers and friends
So why does she feel so disconnected?

He goes home, flicks on the screen
Types a status to his five thousand friends
They like, they share.
He spots a post saying reach out
If you need help, he does
Nobody reaches back, he dies alone, disconnected