We continue the second week of our first themed edition,Your Tech Life, with a poem. 

by Thomas Mixon

By now we were to stop using cables.
All signals would travel through air.
The unemployment rate: nonexistent,
Since the work of removing all the lines
Would take some countless decades.
Nothing again would interrupt the horizon.

But new tech, always edging the horizon,
Couldn’t resist the closeness of cables.
Such strings have dangled for decades
In front our faces; we breathe in air
Saturated with particles from lines
The toxicity of which is claimed as nonexistent.

While opposition hasn’t been nonexistent,
The focus was always the horizon,
How to make products where lines
Of people corralled by cables
Form out of thin air.
And we all off-gas for decades.

When we think back to decades
Where utility poles were nonexistent,
It’s easy to feel sorry for the air.
Bare was the horizon.
Without the straight cables
The curved earth craved lines.

So each year the production lines
Churned out more decades’
Worth of cables
Than our nonexistent
Discernment could imagine the horizon
Would ever hold in the air.

Given the choice of breathing air
Likely impured by lines,
Or gulping an empty horizon,
Reminding us of decades
Where comfort was nonexistent –
Why not choose cables.

Many cables contain pairs of quiet twisted lines,
Which silence ghosts of decades past, audibly nonexistent.
The dead now air their unheard grievances, past the horizon.