Today we continue our publication of photography with the work of Shelley Cooper. She took these three photos last October in Missouri. We look forward to posting more photos that inspire and transform everyday moments. 


Evening Colors


Evening Colors was taken on our farm in mid-Missouri. As the days grow shorter and the temperatures become cooler, I nudge myself to take an evening walk before dark. It’s tempting to stay inside where it is warm as night nears. The choice to venture out proves to be the right decision.



Look for the Change


Look for the Change is of the Missouri River in Lupus, Missouri following a blustery, wet, and gray day. As evening approached the sun made an appearance and changed my whole perspective. A good reminder to to keep looking for a change when life becomes melancholy.



Aged Beauty


Aged Beauty is of Dick’s Mill established in 1869. As I grow older, I’ve come to appreciate that beauty isn’t limited to the new and shiny. Weathered boards and evening shadows produce timeless beauty. Only decades of experience and standing tall can forge such lovely character both in buildings and people.