As Thanksgiving recedes and a new year approaches, there is much to be grateful for at The Sunlight Press. We are so thrilled to be here after launching in January. Now at the end of 2017, we celebrate and thank the many who helped make it happen – our writers and artists for sharing their work, our readers for believing in these pieces and following the site, and our supporters – moral, financial, and otherwise.

We are now making plans for the site in 2018. Our goal is to continue paying writers and artists for their published work and to support the literary arts community. We are pursuing federal tax-exempt status so donations are tax-deductible and we can seek grant funding. Happily as of this fall, The Sunlight Press is a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation.

In addition to wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season, we’d like to give a shout-out to a few individuals who helped with our ideas on Sunlight.

Kayleen Mendenhall of Booyah Creative, who designed our website.
Alice Kaltman, who judged our first fiction contest and is the author of the new short story collection, Staggerwing.
Chelsey Clammer, who judged our first nonfiction writing contest and is the author of the new collection of essays, Circadian.
Windy Lynn Harris, who helped connect us with both judges and who celebrated the publication of her book this fall, Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays: The Essential Guide to Getting Your Work Published.
Elizabeth H. Spencer, who stepped up early on to write regular book reviews for the site and more recently to read submissions.
Volunteer Readers Susan Pohlman, Clive Collins, and Ellen Berkowitz.
Volunteer Artists/Photographers Eric Sorensen, Fabrice Poussin, and Molly Engel.

We also want to thank our families, especially our husbands, Ashish Patel and David Sorensen, for their unwavering support while we launched The Sunlight Press. A special shout-out to Nandini Patel for helping us name our journal. Sometimes the best ideas arrive from children.

We wish all of our readers a peaceful holiday season. Thank you for your support and cheers to a happy and healthy new year. We will return to work on Tuesday, Jan. 2. See you in 2018.