Photo by Eric Sorensen

Welcome to The Sunlight Press! We are excited to debut our new digital literary journal. For both of us, The Sunlight Press begins a new chapter in our work together and we look forward to sharing our journal with readers and writers.

What is The Sunlight Press? On our About Us page we describe wanting to know how people turn toward light and hope, whether it is through the arts, culture, spirituality, or humor, and also how they respond to darkness and navigate unknown spaces. Sometimes we crave light yet resist its pull, staying in the shadows unable to move. In our everyday lives, sunlight can rouse and inspire us; at other times, we shield our eyes. It can be tempting to shy away from exposure and the work that life demands of us, yet ultimately gratifying to move, or even inch, forward.

The Sunlight Press wants to hear from readers and writers alike. We welcome creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, reviews, photography, and artist reflections on their craft. We invite writers and artists to peruse our site and to submit their work to Connect with The Sunlight Press on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Welcome to The Sunlight Press. We hope you’ll visit often.

Beth Burrell and Rudri Bhatt Patel 
Founders and Editors of The Sunlight Press